Sunday, October 3, 2010


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NOV.21 10 am to 4pm

Sandy Hill Community Center

250 Somerset St. East


Denise Atkinson, Sharon Allen, Nancy Blimkie, Dawn Burnham, Beadworks, Annette Bellamy, John Benn, Barbara Carlson, Lorraine Clavell, Francine Chamaillard, Drama Queen, CleanHands WarmHands, Degas Chocolates, The Grunge Papers, Marry Garrett, Touch of Italy, Juicy Design-Branch, Morgana Leblanc, Sharon Lafferty, Harvest Honey, Off The Cuff, Indigo Design, Hailey Richards, Retta Rive, Catharine Nutt, Kathy Monkman, Michelle Potter, PR Design, Sandra Ridell, Wendy Rockburn, Nadine Sculland, Laura Stephens, Fiona Sant, Rosemary Scraggs, Helene Lacelle. Joan Alexander, Louise Tremblay, Joanne Lockyer, Carol Waters, Jim Holdham, Amendes de Maribel, Mains de Mariposa, Fabrikawakuwaku, Karina Bergman, Karin Norstrom, Chris Binkowski, Anya & Kathleen, Lucie Dufresne, Sarah Moffat, Genna, Hailey Richards.


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What are the hours?

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