Sunday, October 21, 2007

Eiko Emori

Glass vessels and ring trees made by hand with fusing and
slumping techniques which were used in
the Middle East until about 2000 years ago.

Friday, October 12, 2007

MONKEY BUSINESS - Samantha Niblock

Take a trip down memory lane with these
delightful hand-made sock monkeys!


Unique and traditional jewelry in acrylic,
sterling and gold-filled wire.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Yohanna Loonen

Landscapes featuring Ontario's fall
colour in pastel and watercolor.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Marie-Paule Lacelle

Intricately hand-embroidered cards inspired
by rural landscapes and Amish folklore.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

PAPER SKIRT - Lana Stewart

Sophisticated yet quirky papergoods designed
with the ultimate aim that you will love & keep for ever!

Jim Hall

Original music that gets you through your day composed
by someone who knows all about wandering.
Guaranteed to help keep yourself from slip sliding away!

DEGAS CHOCOLATES - Claudia Gordon & Laura Holmes

Hand-made quality Belgian chocolates. Truffles,
almond bark, chocolate covered ginger as well as
chocolate pieces in milk, semi-sweet & white.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Maria von Finckenstein

All purpose bags, hand-sewn out of reclaimed fabric,
lined, washable and sturdy.

Catherine Chartrand

Wall & ceiling hangings accessories.

Helene Lacelle

Primitive 'Celebrity' hand-made dolls,
original urban folk art paintings &
mosaics made with shards of china, ironestone and crockery.

Tanya Shevkenek

Handbags out of vintage material from the
50's to the 70's and out of deconstructed
clothing plus original silkscreened t-shirts.

MISS SHUGGA - Susie Shapiro

Over 50 kinds of shortbreads presented in
hand-made pottery by local artisans.

Joan Alexander

QUEEN BEE BEADS - Sarah Baird Macneil

Bracelets, necklaces & wire-wrapped pendants & earrings
using sterling silver and gold filled chains and wire.
Variety of gemstones plus Czech & Japanese seed beads.


Decadent vegan sweets
egg, dairy and cholesterol free!

Welustdesign - Kim Elmsie

Hand knitted hats in sassy colors of eclectic
designs inspired by Norval Morisseau paintings,
folk art & the 80's.

RETRO TAB - Tabitha Grove & Mom

'One of a Kind' items created through the unique
blending of yarn textures and colors for their hats,
ponchos, shawls, shrugs, purses and accessories.

Megan Jerome & Mike Essoudry

Simple elegant hand-made gifts using wood & wool inspired
by travels in Scandinavia.

Lynda Shevkenek

Unique & technically complex wire structures that
are often encrusted with beads and are light and
comfortable to wear.

BEADED ELEGANCE - Lorraine Clavell

Fashion jewelry out of Venetian glass,
semi-precious stones & fresh water pearls.


Jewelry cast in resin including shells, feathers
leaves, flowers and found objects.

TRIFLY DESIGN - Jennefer Stevenson

Tea cozies, vases, scarves and other items
hand-made out of wool felt using wet felting
& needle felting techniques.

Michelle Potter

FISH ON FRIDAYS - Gabe Thirwall

Fish on Fridays is an independent producer
of monster dolls, Jesus comics, stickers, silkscreened
kids t-shirts, tweed pidgeons, box paintings and more!


Recycled glass items found in thrift shops and
embellished with polymer clay, glass & acrylic
glass paint.

COOPERATIVE 301 INC - Vaishali Chouhan & Lucie Champagne

Fashion bags sewn out of donated reclaimed
fabric using machine and hand embroidery
& quilting techniques.

DESIGNS BY LEILANI - Leilani Mckinnon

Hand-knotted, twisted and crocheted jewelry
out of fresh water pearls, crystals, metal & gemstone beads.

Jim Holdham

Porch art using acrylics and reclaimed
window frames from demolished buildings.