Saturday, November 23, 2013

Highlights of Sandy Hill's ONE & ONLY Craft Fair 2013

Shannon Dawn of Littlest Bird Workshop
Happy visitors enjoying Chef Pierre's yummy FREE buffet!
The ONE&ONLY Craft Fair could not have been possible without the generous support from ACTION SANDY HILL and all the ASH members who helped out Peter in the kitchen and all the posterers who braved the chilly evenings of Ottawa to put up posters. Big thank you to Alice Kwong, Joanne Lockyer, Francois Bregha, Marc Lacelle, Dallas Fletcher, Kyle Simunovic, The 'Raffle Moms' Barbara Brockman & Karina Kraenzle, the very helpful staff at the Sandy Hill Community Center, Retta Rive & Des, Carol Waters & Brian, Grant Wilkins, Aaron Guitard, Sandhu AND Jan Finlay!

Many thanks to my partner/Chef Peter Evanchuck who kept the food rolling out even though  he was battling impending kidney stones! Thanks Pete!

And of course a very BIG thank you to all the vendors who donated to our raffle table and who put such efforts in making this the most beautiful ONE & ONLY.  Helene Lacelle

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Thursday, November 7, 2013


A big welcome to our new vendors this year!!!
Tangente Clothing, Charlynne Lafontaine, Littlest Bird Workshop, Krysthle Poitras, Bombshell Revival, Laurie Fagan, Lynn Murphy, Moose & Owl Design, Janie & Pamalamalas, Big Love Designs, Epidemic Clothing,Wendy Radcliffe !!!!
Our returning all-star vendors!!!
Annette Bellamy, Kathleen & Avya, Barbara Carlson, Mains De Mariposa, Carol Waters, Harvest Honey, Indie.go.Designs, Fiona Sant, Fish on Fridays, Francine Chamaillard, Grunge Papers, Helene Lacelle, Earth Essentials, Joan Alexander, Kathy Monkman, Crazy Fox Studio, Roseangela Gendron, Lorraine Clavell, Mags Knitting, Meeka Stewart, My Jacket Pocket, Munia Elmasri, Samira Elmasri, Liv Well Toys, Pat Rowan, Retta Rive, Robin Harlick, Sharon Allen, My Stow-N-Tow, Todd Chambers, Genna Draper, Martine Noel, Fabrikawakuwaku, Mina Hanbury.


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