Kathleen & Anya
Haley By Hand
Francine Chamaillard
Sarah Moffat and her new BFF
Sandy Hill Community Center
Morgana Leblanc & Friend
Mains de Mariposa
Karina Bergmans
Karina Bergmans

PR Design

Mayor Jim Watson & Chef Peter Evanchuck !

Mayor Jim Watson & Chef Peter Evanchuck holding up a sign of the world's BEST NEW food sensation
' THE CHOCOLATE COVERED SUSHI ROLL' by ADAMS TREATment, originated by NELSON ADAMS and created by Chef Peter Evanchuck!

Birthday Boy  Peter Evanchuck!
The BOYS in the kitchen, Frank Bergeron, Chef Peter Evanchuck, Brockenshire Lemiski & Marc Lacelle
Michelle Potter's Back
Lorraine Clavel
Helene Lacelle's table minus Helene Lacelle

Chris Binkowski aka BUCKO with parents Peter and Anna
BUCKO surrounded by his fans!

Scenery inside the Center

What a terrific turn-out!

People People everywhere!

Genna Draper
Genna Draper
Sarah Moffat

Drama Queen

Lining up for the FREE FOOD BUFFET!

Mina Hanburry

Roseangela Gendron
Eliza von Baryer

Off the Cuff
The very lovely Carol Waters!
Barbara Carlson and husband John Benn in black cap and turleneck.