Thursday, September 24, 2015

NOV.15, 2015 - Sandy Hill's ONE & ONLY arts/crafts show - OTTAWA - 250 Somerset St. East - Sandy Hill Community Center

* Hand-blown glass wasabi bowls by CHARLYNNE LAFONTAINE

Host/artists/producers Hélène Lacelle, Peter Evanchuck and Action Sandy Hill will celebrate
the 9th edition of the ONE&ONLY artisan-craft fair on Sunday, November 15 in the Sandy Hill Community Centre at 250 Somerset East. Come between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to meet about 50 vendors and hundreds of community members.

The ONE & ONLY is Sandy Hill’s premier fair, very popular and very tasty too thanks to Chef Evanchuck’s free buffet; this is the only fair in Ottawa that provides a huge free buffet open to all the community.
For the attending public, purchasing that “one & only” handmade, special gift for Christmas or personal occasions is a real treat. As Hélène Lacelle reminds us, “These items are all local, all handmade by the artists and artisans. This is a community display of local arts and crafts.” While the vendors are setting up their booths, Chef Evanchuck and his ASH volunteers are busy preparing to feed hundreds of people. “The free buffet really helps to bring in the students and local community and adds big-time to the success of the show. Over its nine years, we’ve fed a few thousand of them,"
Peter Evanchuck says. “There is nothing like a free buffet to help make any event a bigger success."

Unfortunately, this year Evanchuck has had to deal with four surgeries and 42 days of radiation to fight the return of his cancer. “I’m not sure how large the selection of food items will be this year,” he muses. “My October 7th surgery and ensuing radiation might weaken my ability to provide the usual variety in the ‘magnificent menu’ of past years.”

Lacelle and Evanchuck not only host the ONE & ONLY fair; they are also longtime resident artists of Sandy Hill, making movies, making books and making art. To see examples of their creative works, they invite you to visit the following websites: