Detail from Crazy Fox Studio & (PHOTO ABOVE) Ken McLaren & Linda Norton of Crazy Fox Studio
Lia-Jane Murray of Janie&Pamalamalas
Genna Draper (white shirt) at her booth

Francine Chamaillard and Joan Alexander

Silk screened ties from Epidemic Clothing

Sharon Wallace of Big Love Designs

Michelle Potter of My Jacket Pocket & of Byward Market's lovely shop - CURIOUS COLLECTIVE

Happy customers at the booth of Nicole deGrandmont Shaw of Liv Well Toys

Avya & Kathleen and their ever lovely hand-printed cards

Our wonderful 'raffle moms' Barbara Brockman & Karina Kraenzle ( moms of the girls above)
At the booth of MAGS Knitting

Gabe Thirlwall of Fish On Fridays

Curiuous customers at the booth of Wendy Ratcliffe's Liebchen Designs

Sandy Hill Community Center

Kym Brown of Bombshell Revival

Todd Chambers of Really Horrible Entreprises

Francine Chamaillard making Joan Alexander buy one of her fabulous dolls!

Fiona Sant of Byward Market's lovely shop - CURIOUS COLLECTIVE

At the booth of Krysthle Poitras (R)

At the booth of Nicole deGrandmond Shaw (R)

Lynn Murphy's pottery (Peach Colored top)

Retta Rive (R) with smiling customer

Ruth & David of Harvest Honey

Sandy Hill's very own author Robin Harlick

Mina Hanbury with silk creations!

Smiling Sharon Allen

Chef Peter Evanchuck's fabulous menu!!! All this food FREE ALL day!!! ( Well, until we ran out!)

Meeka Stewart  and fun dolls!

Last but not least,  Adrienne Gibb of Fabrikawakuwaku

Forgive me if I don't have everybody's picture up on the blog, you are ALL spectacular! Thanks!

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